Easter is Sunday! What are your traditions? Do you go to church? Have an Easter egg hunt? Do brunch out?

When I was a kid, Easter was a holiday where Mom hid those little chocolate eggs around the house and my sister and I would look for an hour to try and find them. On occasion a few weeks would go by and we’d notice one or two that we missed on Easter. It was like a bonus!

We’d also get a chocolate bunny. Usually it was a solid chocolate, but quite honestly I like hollow bunnies just as much. I am one who likes cheap milk chocolate. It doesn’t take much to please me.

Mom would always buy us a book too.

We also went to Mass, which we did most Sundays, but it was a bigger deal on Easter, we’d have to dress up. When we got back from church, it was time to put the turkey in the oven. Yes we had turkey on Easter, not ham.

Today with the kids we do an Easter egg hunt but the Easter Bunny at our house is less about creatively hiding the eggs and more about making a mess but at the same time leaving a trail of chocolate eggs to the gifts. As the kids are high on sugar if we have no other plans other than head to Mass.

Aside from the first part of the day we really don’t have a constant yearly agenda or tradition for Easter. Last year I went to brunch at Governor’s with the in-laws but this year my mother in-law is cooking and having us along with the rest of the family over.

Not sure if we’re having ham or turkey or both but there will be food, conversation and lots of chocolate.

Whatever your plans are for Easter, enjoy it.