First of all, you're all going to think I'm nuts after reading this because after a couple of weird things that have happened in our house, I firmly believe the house is haunted. Or at least the bedroom has spirits or energy. Last night, there was another example of strange happenings.

My wife and I were laying in bed watching 'Chicago Fire'. She was on the tablet and I was doing a crossword puzzle, I know, I ruined the total disc jockey image, doing crosswords and watching TV. Anyway, for no reason, a hanger on my side of the closet started swinging like someone was taking a shirt. I looked to see if either of our cats were the culprits, neither were in the room, nothing fell off the shelf above, there were no vibrations from trucks driving by, no settling. Nothing happened that would cause that hanger to move.

That's not the only reason I believe the house has ghosts or a ghost. A few months ago I was going into the bedroom and on the bed I know I saw someone lying like they were asleep. I shook it off, then looked again and they were gone.

The only other time I think I had a paranormal experience was again while lying in bed. We usually keep our bedroom door open because of Vikki and the cats, etc.  Not long after we bought the house, I know I saw a shadow in the door frame between our bedroom and living room. Granted, there is a window there, so it could have been a funky reflection or something. The window and a weird light reflection is what I chalked it up to back then but after the more recent experiences, I do believe that too was a ghost. I've never seen that reflection happen since and we've been here now over a year and a half.

From time to time I hear noises upstairs when nobody's up there but I still think that's just the settling of the house or a jumping cat, etc. The only unexplained noise from upstairs was a few weeks ago I heard running water come from what sounded like the second floor but I was in the basement at the time and it could have come from elsewhere.

The house was built in 1947 just after WWII, which includes a new addition and that's where our bedroom is located. When I say new, I mean the mid 1970s.

Seriously if Travel Channel or SyFy is reading this, I totally invite you to come out and do your lock-downs and or test the place out.

After looking at the picture more closely (when adding it here into the post), I went back to see if that green fabric behind the hanger, a doctor's outfit (Halloween costume) was touching and it was about two inches away.