Better late than never I suppose. My November, ‘Thank You’ for day number seven is I am thankful for living in a fairly safe part of the country and for that matter the world. Little old Auburn, Maine may not be the most exciting or coolest place to be but I can pretty much go anywhere in town without looking over my shoulder for someone to mug me or worse.

The weather may not be choice and median income maybe lower than other parts of the country but over all zip code 04210 is a pretty good place to live. It would be nice if the city were prettier, but it’s an old mill town where revitalization is slowly happening.

My car has been broken into once about 10 years ago but that’s really about the only violation of property or emotion and I even got my stuff back. Granted all they took were a few air-checks (radio shows that just have my voice) and gum. Maybe there was a bit of change as well, I don't recall now? It was my stupidity anyway because I left my doors unlocked. The two girls were arrested and plead guilty so I didn’t even have to go to court.

The boys are well adjusted in their schools. They have friends and no issues with other students that I know of or that show up in their personality.

I like Auburn because it’s only a quick hop to Portland for shopping or events but it’s far enough away that I don’t have to deal with the traffic or their cost of living. I only wish was Augusta and Auburn were closer but you can't move cities.

I know there are safer places close by like Turner, New Gloucester and Durham but I like a city and amenities close.