Today, January 23rd is ‘National Handwriting Day’. Do you remember in 2nd grade or there about we were all taught how to write in cursive. Is this a lost art?

As a kid I took some pride in handwriting. Over the years it’s turned into sort of print-writing. As I have less time, I don’t really worry about writing as I did when I was younger.

I was often told I “wrote like a girl.” This makes me want ask, what is a boy’s handwriting supposed to look like?

Doctors certainly have less than perfect handwriting but I understand that is intentional because of prescriptions. Their bad penmanship makes it harder to copy a signature.

I’ve always been in awe of left handed people as well; I’d be smudging everything. That’s some skill you lefties have.

Where everything is done on a computer or tablet now, it makes you wonder if cursive writing is going the way of ink wells and quills.

Even "thank you" notes and cards are sent via email now. When was the last time you wrote something on paper? It’s been some time for me, for the exception of quick notes on scrap paper.

At any rate, happy ‘National Handwriting Day’