I haven't been able to revisit my former eye doctors office because it serves as a painful reminder of the last place I held a conversation with my sister while she was still alive. So, stepping into that specific office remains a mission I'm not prepared for at this moment.

If I did, I'd fear that the memories of her would flood my mind, my body would stop working and cause me to experience overwhelming emotions.

I know that by the end of this, you too will believe my sister was probably the one who orchestrated everything that took place yesterday.

Because of all that, I was in search of a new eye doctor. We all know that finding a good doctor in general is like stumbling upon a hidden treasure of unlimited wine, forever. It's not easy and when you do, you celebrate it.

Just yesterday, I experienced my debut as a patient at Optometric Associates on East Avenue in Lewiston, Maine.

The atmosphere is light-hearted and easy, making you forget that you're there for a check-up. It's a beautiful building as well but there is so much more to it.

Dear Optometric Associates Team,

(Doctor Henry, Sweet Melissa, Doctor Carr, Adessa)

You all conjured magic yesterday in the ordinary tasks of your working lives. You transformed an otherwise pretty mundane exam into something enchanting for me. Your ability to make me feel at ease and heard was refreshing.

Doctor Henry, your charisma and explanations were so clear that I not only understood but also learned a great deal about my eye health and can now be that annoying friend that reminds her people to take care of their peepers.

Sweet Melissa, you're energy is transcendent and your warmth as a human being is electric. I am so glad to know you and your candy stash.

Above all, your desire to make me feel like a cherished member of a family was a sentiment I had never experienced in this kind of medical setting before.

Love your patient,


Rarely you encounter people who make you feel seen, heard and cherished, especially when you're carrying out an otherwise annoying daily chore.

Optometric Associates has been operating since 1968 and as it says according to Yelp has, "always been a leader in eye and vision care." I'm not surprised.

For me, it held an even deeper significance because I was able to break through the pain associated with the same type of place where I last saw my sister alive and engaged in conversation.

If you're in need of an eye doctor in Central Maine, Optometric Associates celebrated me, I guarantee they'll do the same for you.

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