I cannot believe it, my oldest son will be starting driver's ed this spring.I also can't believe he saved $370 of the $430 it will cost.

Now for my questions and your thoughts that you may have when it comes to new teen drivers. For parents of 16 year-olds or recently licensed teen drivers, aside from "obey the laws of the road", what advice did you give your teen?

I along with many other 40 somethings learned to drive when things were slightly more relaxed. You got your permit, then drove with a licensed driver for a couple of months, went for your road test (which was all of five minutes) and at the end, you either passed or failed.

Today, I know it's a different world.

I hear, having your hands at "ten and two" is no longer what you're taught due to air bags. Are there other differences I should be showing him while "teaching" him. I use quotations are around the word "teach" because now, like penmanship, I've sort of developed my own way which isn't necessarily how I was taught. I don't want to be teaching him my bad habits.

Be honest, did you buy your new driver a car? Did you make your daughter or son earn a vehicle, co-sign? In this paragraph I'm trying to find the normal thing to do.

Did you have any house-rules beyond the obvious, be safe, obey the laws, don't answer or thumb out a text on your phone? This is all new to me.

Lastly, how much did your auto insurance rates go up after your son or daughter was licensed?