Welcome to Waterville, Maine, the city that’s added a lovely little twist on bad driving! If you’ve ever dreamed of being cut off in traffic with a smile and wave, this is the place for you.

In this Maine city, road etiquette takes on a whole new meaning, baby. I recently spoke to a friend of mine who indulged me on the worst but nicest drivers in Maine.

Waterville is known for its bustling city and fun atmosphere, but also its super nice bad drivers. My friend told me that he witnesses so much of this that it needs to be talked about. He told me that recently, he watched a vehicle slowly (and politely) drive directly into another car.

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Do the locals also know about this and agree? I have frequented Waterville, and if my memory serves me right (which it normally does), I tend to agree.

I remember cruising down Main Street when the car in front of me suddenly swerved and slowed down, almost hitting me. Just as I started to fume, I noticed the driver's apologetic grin and smile. I had encountered one of the city's famously polite bad drivers.

What I think is that if you need to run a red light in Waterville, it's done with love. If you get into a fender bender, it's done with a gentle nudge and compliment.

Their new motto should be, "Drive Bad, Apologize Nice".

So if you’re planning a trip to Waterville, pack your patience and your best forgiving smile. It’s a quirky, endearing place where bad driving meets good manners, making for an experience that’s uniquely Waterville.

Just remember, the next time you’re nearly sideswiped, a friendly wave is all part of the charm.

Have you also seen this? Let us know!  

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