I have lived in New England for over 20 years and every so often I notice word use differences between here and Nova Scotia even today.

I noticed ome differences right off the bat, like if it's 11:45, in Nova Scotia it's "quarter to" here in Maine and throughout New England it is "quarter of." They say, "pop" in NS, we tend to say, "soda." I could go on, but the one I want to focus on today is how we refer to our highway numbers.

In Nova Scotia and possibly throughout Canada and California, the word, "the" is used before the number. For example, if you're driving on Hwy 102 in Nova Scotia, they'd say, "The 102" but we here just say, 95, 202, Rt 1, etc. I don't ever think I've heard a local in Maine say, "we're going the "the 95" south to Kittery."

Nothing is wrong regardless of how it's said, it's just funny how I still notice differences between the two places even after 20 years.

I probably unconsciously noticed the difference when this recurring sketch on 'SNL' was running a few years ago.

If you're from away, are you still noticing differences in word use, dialect, idioms, etc.?