The birth control pill has been around for decades. There is a story out today saying that Yaz or Yasmin has been related to 23 deaths in Canada. And another article I came across claiming there have been at least 190 deaths in the U.S. due to that brand of birth control.

I'm curious where we hear all of these stories about birth control and how it messes with women's hormones and shouldn't be taken if you smoke and should be stopped by the age of 35. Anyway your doctor or pharmacist is the one to give you advice.

My question is for the guys reading this. If there was an FDA-approved birth control pill on the market for men, would you take it? My understanding is, there is the medical know how to make this happen. It's an interesting debate I think, anyway. If I ask you, then I should probably answer the question. Probably after a while after I knew for sure it was safe or as safe as it can be. As a yes or no question, yes.



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