When you figure that the ranker covers 182 cities it's not hard to believe that Vacationland is gonna show up on it at least once, right? But how about twice!? A new study out from Wallet Hub ranks the top 182 happiest cities in the US based on things like income and employment, emotional and physical well-being and community and environment. Now, Maine didn't make the top of the list, but we also didn't show up dead-last, so that's totes dope, too.

Portland shows up at #61 on the list with an overall 'happy' score of 60.83. That's at least the top half! Maine also holds a slot at #110 as well. The happy little city of Lewiston has made the list. Lewiston scored a 54.55 overall.

If you're looking for all 182 cities you can find them all right here. If you're looking to move somewhere super-happy, Texas looks to be your best bet- making the list a whopping 15 times!

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