I made a call to my daughter Michelle this morning. We spoke, almost to the minute, on the day she was born 24 years earlier.

I did my last morning show on WLAM on Friday the 23, 1990. Marie-Anne went into labor early Saturday morning. Michelle was delivered just after 8 in the morning. I was on the air talking about her birth on 92 Moose at 9.

Full circle? Check it out. Twenty-four years ago today, I was at Maine General watching Michelle's birth. Today, she's working as an RN at Maine General. I'm still here at 92 Moose.

The biggest blessing is, our family is and has always been close. That, I'm sure, has a role in the fact that we are also close geographically.

Twenty-four on the 24th. The more things change the more they stay the same. Weird and wonderful, I think.