Today is ‘Ex Spouse Day’. How can a post like this go wrong? I assume fairly easily if it goes off the rails. I don’t technically have an ex spouse as I’ve only been married once and I am still married.

The divorce rate is at about 50% many surveys say, so half of those who have been married have ex spouses. I do have significant exes however, and I wouldn’t say the break ups  were amicable in every case, but today it’s all water under the bridge with my exes from all I know.

The hardest part of having an ex spouse I imagine is the divorce itself. Everything from the cost of lawyers, hashing out custody agreements to property division, but most of all the entire emotional toll on both partners regardless of who files the papers.

I’m sort of curious on a few levels if were able to get back to being friends or even remarry after a divorce? Obviously serious matters like abuse and neglect should never be tolerated but in situations like falling out of love or “irreconcilable differences” have you been able to be social and friendly?

Can you get along with your ex’s new significant other especially if they’re step parent?

Anyway, I thought where it was ‘Ex Spouse Day’ I’d put it out there.