As Maine's oldest public higher learning institution, and with a history going back over 150 years, it should come as no surprise there are stories of hauntings at The University of Maine at Farmington.

According to Only In Your State, one of the most notable hauntings is centered around Merill Hall's Nordica Auditorium.

The performance space is said to be haunted by Lady Nordica.  According to people who have witnessed the haunting, Lady Nordica makes herself known by playing the piano and standing near people.  People also report hearing voices in the hall when no one else is present.

Several years ago, The Maine Ghost Hunters investigated:

Additionally, strange occurrences have been reported at the Mallett Hall dorms.  People on the 3rd floor report hearing the sound of people moving furniture above them.  The problem?  The only thing above the 3rd floor is the roof.

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