Remember when the Maine's barbershop quartet entertained an entire airplane while delayed at the airport? Yes? No?

Well, this incredible memory has recently popped back up on the virtual feed and I am very excited to show it to you.

There is nothing cute about being stuck on the tarmac for hours on end waiting for your plane to take off. When that happens, there is only so much you can do to keep yourself and your family busy.

This happened on a flight to New Orleans from Indianapolis back in February 2015 and as the plane was full of people who were obviously frustrated with their current circumstance, Maine's only, Port City Sound were more than happy to entertain the people and raise spirits.

Port City Sound is an old fashioned barbershop quartet all from Maine that have a combined 100 years experience of singing!

They sang the popular 1960s song by The Drifters "On The Boardwalk" and the group was so good and you can tell they were happy to oblige.

Mainer's went crazy supporting this incredible quartet and many articles published the exciting story of "Our Guys!"

Take a listen below and you'll see exactly what I am talking about. This video was posted by Kari Mann on YouTube. 

I know, right?! Simply incredible.

This has happened a lot where singers or musicians on planes entertain while delayed. I especially like the situation that recently took place on a plane where a steward took the intercom on a flight from Cambodia to Vietnam and started singing Ed Sheeran to the entire flight!

@_ashwebster Ive never been so confused & so happy at once. #fyp#flightattendant#inflightentertainment#mustwatch♬ original sound - Ashleigh
People are awesome, aren't they?
Keep singing folks!

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