Ever think about the old days? When you jumped into the van and went out to dinner with the family? It was loud and fun. You made worms with your paper straws, used up all of the crayons on your paper menu's and ate until you couldn't walk?

It's nostalgia at it's finest, when you think about the memories you made with your families going out to dinner, in Maine. Do you ever think back to those special places and wonder if they're still there? Well, I am here to tell you that many of them are!

I asked the question, "What are some Maine restaurants that you remember your parents taking you to when you grew up? Do they still exist?"

I put it out to many of our stations Facebook pages and I received hundreds of replies. Most of the restaurants I found, still exist. Which is comforting for me to know because I love keeping tradition alive and bringing my child to the place that gave me fond memories.

Whether it be seafood, hot dogs, pizza, or ice cream, the restaurants you frequented on those special nights with your loved ones are still on and poppin'.

My personal favorite was Colefarms, located in Gray. It is no longer open, but I loved how so many people would stack inside on a Friday night and make memories with family. It was loud and fun and the rolls were delicious.

Google Maps
Google Maps

So take a trip down memory lane and again, discover the spots you chose to tell me about. Most of these places have been operating for many years. Some started in the early 20s and what's most comforting is know that most of these eateries are family run and owned and have been past through the generations.

Maine has always been a place where family comes first and food is something we all enjoy, together.

Take a look at the list below of, "30 Maine Restaurants Our Parents Took Us to When We Were Growing Up!"


Here Are 30 Maine Restaurants Our Parents Took Us to When We Were Growing Up

Have you ever wondered if those restaurants your parents took you to when you were younger are still here in Maine? Do they look the same? Does the food still taste super yummy? Here Are 30 Maine restaurants our Parents took us to when we were growing up, Let the nostalgia begin!

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