Today is our 14th wedding anniversary and instead of retelling the story of Lynn and I, I’m going to ask if there were any funny moments at your wedding that didn’t go as planned that you want to share.

In our wedding, when it was time to put the rings on the fingers I put out my right hand instead of my left not thinking. As they say the show must go, on so Lynn just slipped the ring on my right ring finger. It wasn’t until communion that I noticed and while no one was looking I changed hands. After the wedding day when I was telling the story to people who came most noticed.

My biggest fear was, albeit imaginary and knowing no one would but was having someone storm through the church doors and object right when the priest asked if anyone objected to our marriage. Of course it didn’t happen, but that pregnant pause killed me.

Once piece of advice I can give, don’t have your reception near a party planning store. If you do your car will get so “decorated” you won’t know where to start cleaning it.

In all seriousness our wedding day was a joyous occasion and still thank all who came some as far as England and California and celebrated with us and gave of their free will the gifts and time. I really don’t want to come off sounding flippant writing this but I am curious if there were any funny moments or “fails” at your wedding or reception.