Uh oh, two Californian women are in trouble for carving their initials into the Roman Colosseum and then taking a selfie with their carvings. 

No word yet on their punishment but the last time someone did this, they received a fine of 20,000 Euros and a four month suspended sentence. Not you would disgrace an iconic landmark but have you ever written, carved or etched your name into anything like a park bench, school desk, wall?

I remember in high school we had metal doors where many people used to etch their names followed by "wuz here" or write initials along with a gf/bf's initials surrounded by a heart that often included a "TLA"

We also had a what we called "the generator." I'm not really sure if it actually was a generator, it did have something to do with the electrical system but a few of us would etch our initials on that as well.

Thinking back on it now, I'm surprised no one was ever caught or spoken to about such acts.