A "Throwback Thursday" account from 25 years ago. The year was 1989 and Taylor Swift was born, yikes! However as Kid Rock sang in "All Summer Long," "It was 1989, my thoughts were short my hair was long, caught somewhere between a boy and man" now to that I can relate.

In 1989 was 17, in school wishing I wasn't and working part time. In my free time, you could find me either at the local Wendy's hanging out with friends or at the mall. These pictures bring me back to the days sitting, chatting, drinking coffee and smoking believe it or not at the food court. It also brings back memories of the bowling alley and trying to "pick up girls" whatever that meant. I guess it meant, you'd whistle or yell, "hey sexy" the 80s ladies would turn and give a dirty look and life would move along.

You have to look at these photos from malls in 1989 across the country.

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