I think it's probably fair to say that baby monitors have come a really long way since what our parents had for us in the the 80s and 90s, right? Well, I'm just gonna come out and say that I think they've come a little bit too far.

We have a video baby monitor that we have set to switch back and forth between Gavin's room and Dawson's room so we can see each of them all night without having to manually switch back and forth. Oh, and did I mention that our baby monitor will randomly turn itself on during the day? It's not creepy or anything.

Well yesterday after lunch I was hanging out with the kids in the living room and the baby monitor (off at the time) was sitting on the coffee table from the night before. Well it went and did that thing that it does- it turned itself on. No big deal, I'll just shut it back off like I always do. Well, when I picked up the monitor and looked at the screen I literally shouted and jumped which then startled the kids.

The monitor was showing Gavin's room which of course was dark because the door was closed. This means the monitor had switched to night vision mode which makes everything 10x creepier than it is in real life. Well when I looked at the screen all I saw was a face and eyes looking back at me. OMG!

Turns out that when he got up that day, Gavin had sat his baby doll upright on his pillow before coming out of his room for the day. Well, in the night vision of the baby monitor, that same baby doll looked like a tiny demon baby glaring at me from the shadows of my sons toddler bed. And even though it only took me about 3 seconds to figure out what it was, that was still three seconds of sheer terror.

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