When I rolled through the drive-thru of the McD's on Bangor Street in Augusta to get my McCafe coffee this morning, I thought it was strange that the car ahead of me got their food in a Happy Meal box.  At first, I thought maybe I REALLY overslept (or, they were starting to serve lunch early).  Nope!  Here's the reason...

Today, October 14th, McDonald's restaurants across Maine are working to raise awareness for the Ronald McDonald House Charities.  To do this, every order will come in a Happy Meal box and have a thank you note from a Maine family helped by the RMHC.

The Ronald McDonald House Charities have a special place in my life.  Back in the late 80s, due to family medical issues, my mother and I spent quite a bit of time staying at Ronald McDonald houses.

If you are unfamiliar with the program:

Sunday (October 15th) marks the 43 anniversary of the program.  Find out more at their Wikipedia Page


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