I recently stumbled upon words that the English language desperately needs. I think a lot of people will know exactly what these countries mean - they simply have a word for it!

The full list of words can be found here at Playing In The World Game written by blogger: The Old Wolf, but I've taken it upon myself to search out the most hilarious ones that I think will be the most relatable.

Epibreren: The Dutch have the word we've all been looking for to describe our jobs. This word means to do work that looks important, but is really just meaningless busy-work.

Shemomedjamo: This word describes my life. I do this one pretty much every single time I go out to eat.. This word is Georgian and means to overeat to the point where you're not feelin' too hot, but you couldn't resist because it all tasted so, so good.

Zeg: This word is also Georgian, and means “the day after tomorrow.” Anyone wanna watch Zeg with me? No, but really... this word would be so useful!

Pelinti: This word comes from Ghana and I've definitely done this one before, too! You know that slice of pizza fresh out of the oven? You know how you bite into it and it burns, but you can't spit it out! Well, this word literally means "to move hot food around in your mouth".

Rhwe: This is a South African word meaning “to sleep on the floor without a mat, while drunk and naked.” Yes. There is actually a word for this.

Bakku-shan: This word is Japanese for seeing a woman who looks attractive from behind, but not from the front... I think we call that a 'But-her-face' here.

Farpotshket: This word is Yiddish, and I'll tell you, my brother NEEDS to know about this word because he breaks everything he touches. Farpotshket means to attempt to fix something only to end up breaking it even more.

Gilgil: Oh! I know when there's a new puppy or baby animal I relate to this word... This a word from the Tagalog language meaning something is so cute you have to pinch it.

Mokita: There must be a lot less drama in New Guinea because they have a word meaning the truth everybody knows but nobody speaks.

Iktsuarpok: You call your friend and they were supposed to have picked you up 20 minutes ago... I've done this countless times. The Inuit people have a word meaning to repeatedly go check if an expected visitor has arrived.

Olfrygt: This word is from the Viking Danish people. This word means the fear of a lack of ale! They literally have a word for being afraid of running out of booze. 

Pesamenteiro: Some Portuguese people must have been awful for a word to have been developed to describe them.. I have to admit I may have done this for a couple parties, but never a funeral! This word means a person who joins mourning family members by appearing to offer condolences but in reality is just there for the food!

Backpfeifengesicht: Don't ask me how to pronounce this German word... but it means a face badly in need of a fist.

Zechpreller: This is another German word meaning a person who leaves without paying the bill - A German dine and dasher, if you will.

Pisan zapra: In Malay, they came up with a word meaning the time needed to eat a banana.

And lastly..... Koro is a Chinese word meaning the belief that one’s penis is shrinking.

What other words should the English language adopt from around the globe?

Getty Images, NASA