Most donut (or doughnut) lovers in Central Maine were super excited when, late 2020, they got the word that local favorite donut shop chain The Holy Donut was going to be adding a location in Auburn.

Well, it now looks like your drive to get those amazing donuts is about to get longer.

According to WMTW, the regional donut shop chain, known for their unique potato donuts, is going to be closing their Auburn location.

Representatives for the company say that, since opening in January of 2021, the Auburn location has failed to meet financial expectations.  The company believes that the pandemic caused changes in the daily habits of thousands of people in the Lewiston  / Auburn.  The daily habit changes meant fewer people were taking time out of their day to stop for a breakfast donut.

The company has yet to announce when they plan to close the Auburn location.  They also plan to help the employees at the Auburn store find other jobs within the company or find employment outside the company.

In addition to the Auburn location, the company also has two locations in Portland and one in Scarborough.  Later this spring, they plan to open a location in Arundel, too.

When it opens, the Arundel location will be more like a mini headquarters.  It will feature a drive-through and walk up window for customers, but it will also feature offices and a product development kitchen.

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