Like many school kids in Central Maine (and the nation), our daughters are fully remote this week.  Why?  The concept is to provide a quarantine time for families that may have left the state, or had large gatherings, over the Christmas and New Years' Holidays.

Honestly, I think it makes for a really chill transition between vacation mode and school mode.  While I am glad I made it through my childhood without a global pandemic, I think it would have been cool to have a transition period between vacation and school.


On Monday, their first day back in class, my wife had set both 9 year old Denise and 7 year old Annie up with their "classroom corners".  They were separated so that they would be able to participate in their classes without interfering with each other.

Denise was in their bedroom.  Annie was sitting at the table. Their mother was close enough to hear the conversation that took place between her

Annie's teacher asked her about the fun things she did while she was on her Christmas vacation.

Annie explained, "We opened our Christmas presents while we watched a burning Darth Vader on TV."

The teacher's response was something like, "Ummm... That's nice..."

So, I am not entirely sure she creeped out her teacher, but I am pretty certain the teacher was kind of confused.

I admit, that does sound like a very strange thing for a seven year old to say, but it does make sense.  Let me explain.  We're Star Wars fans (Annie and Denise, too) who live in an apartment that lacks a fireplace.  To get in the Christmas present opening mood, I turned on one of our radio stations (that was playing Christmas music) and I put a Yule Log video on the TV.  But, as a Star Wars fan, I couldn't put a normal Yule Log video on the TV.  I used this...

Yep! Some genius turned a video of Dark Vader's funeral pyre into a Yule Log video!

By the way, this is not the first time Annie has said something that creeped people out.  She once kind of weirded out Santa!  No, really!  She asked the Big Man for Zombie Baby.  Zombie Baby was kind of a mascot here at the office.  She loved it so much that she went looking for it every time she came to visit.



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