I was driving home over the weekend on Route 215 in Newcastle. I could drive that road in my sleep. When I drove by a cow farm for probably the millionth time in my life, something seemed odd. The fence is just a few feet from the road and a small cow seemed closer than she should be. I thought, "My eyes are probably just playing tricks on me" but I turned around just to make sure. Turns out, my eyes weren't lying. That cow was out. I couldn't just leave her. God forbid she get into the road and cause an accident. So, I put my hazards on and pretended to be a cowgirl. I took out my phone because I wanted proof, but I kept the video short because I had no idea where this hold in the fence was and didn't trust the other cows to not seek revenge for all the hamburgers I've consumed in my lifetime. The cow was surprisingly cooperative. All it took was me walking behind her and I got her close enough to the house that I thought she was safe. I proceeded to find the owner and left.

So there's my heroic tale of how I saved a cow.


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