Let me just start by saying that I didn't actually burn anything down, but it may have been close. Okay, it wasn't even really that close, but it could have been! As it turns out, I'm a bit of a moron. Let me start from the beginning, okay?

People are always asking us how we stay warm at this massive outdoor food drive. And the short answer is basically just layers. We are all wearing multiple pairs of pants, shirts, hats and jackets. But, it's always nice to have a 'little bit more'. You know, like one of those outdoor propane fired tower heaters that you see on patios. Well, guess what? Merry St. Pierre dropped one off with us yesterday. The only problem? "Some assembly required". No problem though, I can totally handle this, right?

In the middle of some weird snow/sleet squall that was passing over us, my son Evan and I were able to put together this massive heat source and get it upright. Well, one of the parts that goes on the top of the unit (I guess it's called a reflector) had a bunch of blue plastic wrap on it... that apparently you're supposed to take off prior to lighting. Oops.


In retrospect I suppose the instructions did mention something about removing it, but in my mad rush to get the thing up, running and lit, I must have skimmed over that part a little too quickly. So if you come up to Camp Out Hunger this week and notice the smell of burning plastic, don't worry, everything is fine... for the most part.

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