Whenever I need a nut, bolt, ammunition, fishing pole, fresh hamburger or a wedding dress, I ask myself, "I wonder if Hussey's would have that?" More often than not, the answer is, probably!

Because the store is minutes from where I live, I take it for granted but, as I'm coming to find, real general stores are becoming fewer and farther between.

The only thing I can think of right off hand that they don't sell is liquor. They have beer and wine but, if you want hard stuff, you need to make the pilgrimage to Hannaford in South China, about 7 miles down route 32.

Over the years, I've gotten fishing supplies, a gun, groceries, nuts, bolts, gas cans, barbecue supplies and just about anything I need in a pinch but don't want to drive the 15 miles to Augusta or Waterville for. I gladly pay a few cents extra for things because I know, unless I have a huge shopping list, I'll spend more in gas to get into town. Plus, nothing beats walking up the creaky old wooden stairs of the old building which houses this treasure of a store.

Another thing that makes this such a great place is, of course, the people. Unlike so many box stores, the people in the departments have a great knowledge of what they're selling. Kristen Austin knows dresses (wedding gowns) and can help any bride with what she's looking for. She's even a bridal fashion show veteran, having been the sole vendor in a 92 Moose bridal show before, so knows what works and on who.

Wedding dresses

Jasen in sporting goods has a vast knowledge of guns and which are best for your personal needs. He's also eager to hand them to you so you can get a feel of the weapon before you commit to buying.


In addition to lots of guns (which I drool over whenever I go in....because I'm ALWAYS in the market), they have fishing poles and tackle plus a good assortment of camping gear, too.

Hardware, groceries, meats...they've got it all covered with the best people for the department.

If you're reading this and have never been, Hussey's is one of those places you NEED to go, just because. It's a "must-see," like LL Bean and the Moxie Museum at Union Fair. True Mainers need to go just to say they've been.

Upon seeing the sign posted on my Facebook page yesterday, my friend Jesse in Virginia said she needed to make a trip to the store when she comes to Maine again. Classic Maine, classic Americana. Yep, we in the area take it for granted sometimes but, truth is, there aren't many "Hussey's General Stores" left!