I've been the dj at many weddings over the years and at just about all of them I follow the guests through the buffet. It's what the bride wants.  To not eat is an insult.  So I eat.  And eat again.  Then sometimes, though on rare occasions, a third time.  Four is my record (the plates were small at that one)....

Buffets at weddings are so good and so eclectic.  Where else are you going to have Chicken Cordon Bleu, roast beef, finger rolls and American chop suey in one meal.  I love the variety.

Fast forward to the days when I'm hankering for some "wedding buffet food" and it's, say, Tuesday afternoon.  No problem. A trip to Hannaford for some mini sandwich rolls, a tub of ham salad, a salad bar salad and some baked beans.  Though I passed on the beans tonight, I made up for it with my salad and six ham salad finger rolls.

Do you have quirks like me?  Sure, I could have used regular bread, which we have plenty of, but it wouldn't have been an authentic buffet style meal.  You know, I actually like the "home" wedding buffet better because I can take my time eating the meal without having someone constantly bugging me about things like, "when are we going to cut the cake," or "can you please put down the fork so we can have our first dance?"  Don't they realize that to put on a good show, I need a full belly?  Look, it's in the contract.

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