While I do frequently have vivid dreams, most of them are not "sticky".  What I mean is they don't stick in my memory.  By the time I am fully awake, they are fading.  And, normally, they are completely gone by the time I hop in the shower.

Last night's dream was different, though.

The dream was about a coworker and I going on vacation.  I don't remember who it was, but I know that it was a guy and that we were coworkers.  Oh yeah, the vacation we were taking was a cruise.

First, we hopped a plane from Maine to the city where we were boarding the cruise ship.  Then, we stayed the night in an apartment with a bunch of other people getting ready to board the ship.

Here comes the really strange part...  The apartment where we were staying was a duplicate of the place I live in Augusta, but the furniture was different and in different places in each room.  And, all of our fellow travelers (cruisers?) were elderly.

We went to bed and then woke back up.  But, when we woke back up, everyone was arguing about how we were going to get from the apartment to the cruise ship terminal.

That's when I woke up.

What do you think it means?  Is there a really deep meaning to it?

Or, maybe it's just God's way of telling me not to mix rum and ice cream sandwiches right before I go to bed...

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