For decades, the opening of Wiscasset's Red's Eats has been a sure sign that summer is on the way.  And, regardless of how you feel about the roadside food stand, there is no denying that the place has become iconic with locals and tourists alike.

Now, it looks like the business is going to be getting some (more) national love.

According to the KJ, the fried seafood shack is going to be featured on the upcoming fifth season of Netflix's "Somebody Feed Phil".

The series features TV writer Phil Rosenthal visiting locally owned eateries around the world.  According to Wikipedia, Rosenthal has spent decades working on some of the biggest comedies on TV.  His credits include "Everybody Loves Raymond", "The Simpsons", and "Curb Your Enthusiasm".

Phil, his wife, and the TV crew, visited the eatery last September.  The new season of "Somebody Feed Phil" will hit Netflix on Wednesday (May 25th)

Around since 1954, Red's Eats has previous served TV eater Andrew Zimmern, as well as actor Tom Cruise and musician Lionel Richie.

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