It's a pretty exciting time here at the James' household. My wife Keri is due with our third (her second) son on July, 7th. If you recall back to when Gavin was born back in 2018, he decided to come a few days late, so we're not sure what this little dude is gonna do. This is exactly why I'm preparing in advance.

Because we're inching closer to the due date, I have decided to start taking time off as of this coming Tuesday, June 30th. When will I be back? No idea! I just want to make sure that my attention is completely devoted to Keri and making sure that when the moment comes, I'm right there ready to go, and not at work here in Augusta.

Following the birth of our son, I'll then be taking company-provided paternity leave (This is an AWESOME place to work!) and will return to work after that. So, in the meantime, help keep Renee company as she'll be here in the Moose Morning Show studio flying solo. I can see it now, it'll be all kittens and puppy talk! Oh, and I suspect the studio will climb to a comfortable 104 degrees while I'm away.

You'll also hear some of our funniest material from the show each morning, too! Renee will be here live on air while I'm away and she'll also be playing some clips each hour from the 'Best of The Moose Morning Show' library.

Thank you all for your well-wishes and your check-ins on us as we wait for baby Dawson to arrive. We appreciate all of the kind messages you have been sending. We can't wait to announce the arrival of our newest addition when the time comes. Make sure to follow us online and through the app!

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