I know what you're thinking, but first, let me explain.

Love is in the air and sometimes when it is, you can't control where you are. You can't help wanting to "churn butter" with your partner.

So when the frisky feeling of wanting to do squat thrusts in the cucumber patch overcomes you, you may have no choice but to take care of it.

Therefore I will pose the question, Is it illegal to have sex in your car in Maine? So what I found was,

Under the law, motor vehicles that are parked on a public way are still considered a public place, so if found to be engaging in a sexual act while in a motor vehicle, one may still be charged with indecent exposure, as well.

Not Guilty Attorney

So, does this mean it's illegal? Not necessarily. If you are parked in a public place, then yes you could be charged. However, if I am reading between the sexy lines, if you are parked in a private spot, like you're driveway maybe it wouldn't be illegal.

It's of course up to you if you want to try it but to be safe, I would just go with the bed. Indecent Exposure is what it's called according to, Not Guilty Attorney and I am not talking about the movie.

I dug further because the above just didn't give me enough.

I found this,

According to laid down laws, it is illegal to have sex in any public open space.  However, it is important to highlight that it is not always illegal having sex in your car.

According to the penal code, it is illegal to solicit anybody to take part in dissolute conduct in public view. The dissolute view simply implies touching another person’s buttocks, genitals or breasts.

Maine News Online

My favorite part about the above paragraph is the part about the "penal code". Do you get it?

In the future if you're finna' to pop off in the whip, don't be in a public space.

Because that is one headline you won't want out there.

[Insert Name] was arrested late last night for Indecent Exposure and Sharon Stone was not involved. Can I say, embarrassing or what?

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