So, is Maine going to get hit with a snowstorm this week or not?  Well, the answer depends on where in Maine you live.

At the end of last week, we started hearing that we could have a major storm on the way for the middle of this week.  While there was nothing concrete from meteorologists, it did look like we were going to get slammed at some point this week.  Then, we started to hear that it was going to go out to sea before it reached us.  Now, it looks like we are going to get hit.  But, the severity really depends on where in the state you are.

According to WMTW, the storm could bring significant snowfall to certain parts of Maine.  It is expected to roll into our area on Thursday morning, bringing heavy snowfall to the most-southern parts of the state.  York County, for example, could see as much as a foot of snow.  The Lewiston / Auburn area could see up to 8”.

Tapering off as it rolls north, Augusta / Waterville could see up to 4” of accumulation.

The mid-coast, however, will fall into that 8” band.  You can expect that the mid-coast area will also see mixed precipitation instead of straight snow.

The areas hardest hit by the storm will be Massachusetts, New York, and parts of Pennsylvania.  It is expected the storm could close airports in those states.

We’ll update this story as more information becomes available.

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