Ford is not going to be making cars anymore! THAT is what I saw when I opened my computer today.  BUT, BUT, BUT my dream is to live where it is warm and own a Ford Mustang! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Turns out my reaction was a wee bit over dramatic. The CNN story reported Ford will focus their energy where the sales are and that is SUV's, trucks and crossovers. They will only make two cars now.

Cool.  I like SUV's, trucks and crossovers...but Ford makes the Mustang!!! The Mustang is my dream car.  IF Ford stops making most of their cars will the stop making the Mustang?

Deep breaths, Renee, deep breaths!

Ford will STILL be making the Mustang and the Ford Focus Active, a crossover-like hatchback that's will come out next year according to CNN.  Those will be their cars.  The rest will be the SUV's, crossovers and trucks.

Ford is not alone in this decision. Other car makers have been scaling back or eliminating vehicles that cut are not selling.

OK...dream car scenario still on track.