There was a car crash in Manchester last weekend. The police thought the driver was on drugs. According to they even gave him Narcan to revive him. See, it appeared he passed out while trying to get paperwork out of the glove box.  The car owner, Kevin Curtis, had lent the vehicle to a friend to run to the store when the crash happened.

Also in the glove box were two bags of a white-ish powdery substance.

Police thought it was heroin.

No.  It was Robert Curtis. Kevin's Dad. It was some of the cremated remains of the father of the man who owned the car.

It took Kevin a few days to get his Dad back from police lock up. The power was tested and was not drugs.

Don't get all judgy! Kevin had been given the ashes by his sister and was keeping them in the car's glove box until the urn he ordered arrived.   He has kids at home and this was a way for him to know exactly where the ashes were and they were safely tucked away.

As for the driver of the car that crashed in Manchester...he was charged for driving after suspension but no evidence he was under the influence at the time of the crash.

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