Today is April 23rd. After looking it up, I see today is "Administrative Professional's day," formally "Secretary's Day" and it is also "Lover's Day." I have to ask, have you ever dated someone you've worked with and how did it turn out? If I've done it on multiple occasions over my lifetime, I'm sure many of you have. Has it ever worked out for me? No, not really except in my last case, where I married a co-worker from 1998. However our relationship didn't succeed until after I left and went to another job. I was the overnight DJ and she was the administrative assistant at the time.

When going out with a co-worker, did it affect my work? At the time I probably would have thought no it didn't, but thinking back now I know it did. The work performance didn't degrade, but it was the drama at times that took its toll. We've been married for almost 14 years, so I'd say it worked out but while dating at work, it could be tense.

Lynn wasn't the first ever co-worker I went out with, back in the late 80s and very early 90s  I went out with a couple of different people and again, it brought drama to the workplace.

Maybe your experiences have been different? Maybe you could keep the relationship outside of work and at work all was fine?

I will say for me after a break-up with a co-worker it does get awkward working together and depending on positions, it can make the working relationship turn to anger because of not knowing how to take each other's comments or directions.

Some advice from someone who has been there a few times. If you're allowed to date a co-worker in 2014 and want to be careful of your place in the company flow chart, be mature enough to handle working with each other if you break up and last but not least don't let it affect your work.