Are there any bigger rivalries than the Red Sox and Yankees? Maybe but for the sake of this story there aren’t. The Yankees come to Fenway with Jacoby Ellsbury for the first time tonight. It will be very interesting to see how Ellsbury is received by the Fenway faithful. Will he get “boos” for going to New York or will fans remember him for the World Series wins in 2007 and 2013 and cheer?

I think he’ll get mostly “boos” myself. Right or wrong the crowd will show their displeasure for his departure and going to the Yankees. That being said, wouldn’t you if you were offered a massive raise to do the same job you’ve been doing your whole adult life?

It took me a few weeks to accept that Ellsbury jumped to the pinstripes, however, it’s not like we thought he would have stayed. His agent Scott Boras is notorious for playing hardball (pardon the pun) and getting free agents huge dough whether the pay equals the value in talent or not.

I see it this way, the Red Sox got his best years, plus he is injury prone, easily breakable and fragile, a little like fine bone china.

Would you “boo” or cheer Ellsbury if you were in the stands tonight? He should have his first at-bat before the puck drops for the Bruins-Red Wings at 7:30. For Boston sports fans this a must-see. The Red Sox vs. Yankees game is on NESN Plus with a 7:05 start.