It was a great Easter here at the James house for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost because of the Governor's executive order stating that the Easter Bunny is an essential worker and allowed to to his job. And people thought Janet Mills would never do anything I agreed with!

Secondly, we got our power back! We had been on generator for about three days and got restored at 7:50 this morning, just before the kids got up. We also got our internet back as well so we could watch our online Easter Church service.

Third, but certainly not least, I whipped up a delicious Easter breakfast that hit the spot. We had talked about doing a traditional Easter dinner, but decided that a big breakfast followed by a day-long food coma would be better- so we did!

Hopefully everyone else had as wonderful of an Easter morning as we did. Drop us some photos of your family celebrating through the 92 Moose App.

Evan & Gavin James check out their Easter baskets

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