According to WABI, following the massive explosion at the Pixelle Specialty Solutions mill in Jay, the company is aiming to layoff around 60 workers.

Because the part of the mill that exploded was equipment used to turn hardwood into pulp, the company has been purchasing pulp from other milling operations in an effort to keep themselves open and in business. However, because of the decreased productivity, due to lack of equipment, the mill will need to begin laying off part of its workforce effective Monday. Additionally, it is reported that the mill operation will need to look at potential layoffs in the future as well. This could cause the number of people laid off to far exceed 60. The explosion also affected the local trucking industry as well.

According to mill manager Jay Thiessen, "The reduction is an unfortunate consequence of a circumstance no one expected, wanted, or caused. Everyone affected has been a valued member of our team. We will provide those affected by the reduction support in the form of compensation, benefits, and job placement assistance."

If you never saw the video of the mill exploding, you can watch it below. What you are about to see is completely raw video and unedited. The video is from a dash-cam in the cab of one of the Richard Carrier trucks. If you have small children around, and you prefer them not to hear wicked swears, probably don't watch it with the sound on. However, if it's just you and maybe some other adults, go ahead and watch with sound on. The chatter you hear is from the truckers waiting in line to get into the mill as they go back and forth on the CB radios about what they're witnessing.


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