If you heard about a recent trip I took to Cabela's with my dad, during which I bought a gun safe, then you may know that I forgot to show my dad the animals on display there...

I'm not talking about the ones scattered here and there throughout the store but, rather, the giant mountain-sized display smack dab in the middle. That's a key part of any trip and, being that it was my dad's first, that should have been goal number one before I selfishly began shopping. But noooooooooooooo! I had to get right over to what I wanted without even considering that my dad would love to see that magnificent display.

My daughter, Michelle, and both Mac and Renee were appalled that I hadn't taken the time to show this to him. I felt bad. So bad that I decided we'd take another trip!

Last week during vacation, dad and I went back to Cabela's and the first stop once inside, after the men's room (tmi, sorry), was the mountainous animal display. Whew! I felt better. So I bought some more stuff. Damned Cabela's Club card! Yeah, I'm passing the blame. It's how I roll.