As I am doing my final several shows on 92 Moose, I reflect on the many people we've helped over the years. It has been a pleasure to work with a group of people here that, although different from each other in many ways, are like-minded when it comes to helping the community and its people. I know that will never stop. That's why we're here.

Last week as I reflected on the end of my time on the Moose Morning Show, Renee suggested that I might want to give a final bit of help to organizations that I feel exceptionally close to. Wow, I thought. That's a great idea.

There are so many people and groups I've gotten close to. How to I choose?

Three, I thought. That's a good number. But which three?

Veterans...that's a no-brainer to me. But what organization? I got a lot of input. I've chosen one but await the link to a GoFundMe account.

The organization is the Maine Army National Guard's Family program...specifically sending kids to camp. Steve Hughes, an Airforce Vet who formerly worked with the program has set up a Gofundme account and all proceeds will go DIRECTLY to military kids' camp scholarships. This was set up the way it is because the Guard can't solicit money nor can it's employees. They are aware of the fundraiser, however. Thank you Steve. DONATE HERE NOW.

The other two are also family oriented. They also fit in with my ongoing crusade for protection of women and children, which will continue after my time here ends. In fact, one of my other businesses includes "empowerment of women" in its mission statement.

Both of the following organizations serve families all over the central Maine region:

The Family Violence Project has long been a very dear organization for me. In fact, I sat on the board of directors for a short time before I figured that I couldn't dedicate enough time to be effective. They are a CLASS ACT and NEEDED organization that serves as councilor and shelter for women and children who are in perile. DONATE HERE, NOW.

The Sexual Assault Crisis and Support Center serves women and families who have dealt with physical/sexual abuse, including rape. These are horrible, life changing crimes. The wonderful people in this organization have dedicated their lives to making a horrible situation a bit easier to deal with. DONATE HERE NOW.

Both of these organizations provide services but, as importantly, an advocate and an ear.

Also, so as not to leave anybody out, I realize that, although they're a minority, men can also be the victims in these crimes. I aim for these donations to help ALL who are victims, regardless of gender.

As soon as the veteran's group I wish to help becomes clear, I will let you know. Also, to start things off, I will donate $100 to each of these organizations.