Mid-July is about adulting. There are two things you need to attend to in the next few days...if you have not already done so. Tuesday (7/14/2020) is Primary Day in Maine, and Wednesday (7/15/2020) is the day our state and federal tax paperwork and payments are due.

Both were pushed to July because of the coronavirus.

Primary day is Tuesday, July 14th. So if you have not already voted by absentee ballot, it is probably too late for that. So you need to grab your mask and head to your voting location. There may be some adjustments in voting locations for your community this year. For example, in Augusta, we will go to the Augusta Civic Center to vote instead of voting within our wards. Maine.gov has a great page to find your local information. (Thank you Maine.gov for that) As for what and who you are voting on? There will be any local issues, two bond issues, local and federal races. Check out more here from Maine.gov. This guide is from iVoter for the Maine US Senator and District 1 and 2.

Our federal taxes are due for July 15th. It was extended this year due to CV-19, according to IRS.gov. After the federal government made that decision, Maine followed suit and extended things as well, so, yes, Maine taxes and forms are also due July 15th.

I recently saw a video about taxes and how it really should be simpler than it is. Check out Patriot Act on Flix. One of the recent shows (the video has ‘adult’ language) about taxes and find the free sites that are supposed to be free. The link about free filing is toward the end of the video…just FYI. 

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