Katie Daggett and Marcia Gallagher are both mega-talented ladies that have been playing since before I came on board the Moose nearly 25 years ago. Though they've collaborated for a very short time, they sing together like they've always been a duo.

Make sure to see their 'Easy Happy Show' Saturday, Jan. 24 at Johnson Hall in Gardiner.

By the way, I have proclaimed them, "The first ladies of central Maine music," if anybody asks. Oh, and whenever they sing in public, I've got a "forever" invitation to whisper, "son of a gun" at the beginning of You're So Vain. At least, that's what I choose to believe.

We had a blast as they sang to us on the Moose Morning Show... and I had to join in with them too. If I wouldn't have, as Mac said, "I would have exploded!"