The slower you try to make time tick by, the faster it seemingly goes. There are certain things in your life that will make it seem like someone hit the 4X FFW on the DVR trying to skip giant chunks of commercials.

But in life, when things start to fast forward, it's not skipping over the unimportant things like commercials, it's skipping over giant milestones.. Like your babies growing up or your years of blissful marriage screaming by.


Did any of that make sense? I'm so predictable- always trying to use metaphors with electronics and TV. At any rate, my beautiful wife and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary over the weekend. It doesn't even seem possible that 12 full months have gone by... but it's true, they have. In our first year of marriage we got pregnant, bought a brand new house, a new car and have planned our next cruise. Amazing how the time flies. As a dad, the only hourglass I have is my little boy Evan.. Watching him grow and learn on a daily basis is a constant reminder of how fleeting the seconds really are. And how just like a bolt of lightening, if you blink, you'll miss it.


I guess my point is, marriage isn't just about pouring a glass of champagne, saying "cheers" and patting yourself on the back for making it another 12 months. It's about recognizing and celebrating all the accomplishments, big or small, that you've made as a couple, a team and a family.

Happy anniversary, Keri!!

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