Music is everything to La La Land, not just its main mode of communication but its reason for being — all of director Damien Chazelle’s films have centered on the power of music to varying extents. For his most ambitious passion project yet, Chazelle figured he’d need a composer who was up to the task of capturing the swooning romance and the lingering melancholy of the film, and he found one in Justin Hurwitz. And now you can listen to the beautiful La La Land score a whole week before the film hits theaters.

Not a scene goes by without accompaniment from Hurwitz’s expressive jazz score, and as Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone) go through their relationship, the music echoes their ups and downs.

Hurwitz has become a regular collaborator for Chazelle, having already contributed the score to his two previous features, the percussion-frenzy Whiplash and the sweeter trumpet solos of Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench. For La La Land, his arrangements are grander than ever, both in terms of orchestral size and diversity. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone appear on “City of Stars / May Finally Come True,” the surefire Best Original Song Oscar contender of the bunch. Mostly, though, it’s all gorgeous instrumental compositions from Hurwitz that ape the glitz and decadence of the classic MGM musicals to which La La Land so faithfully pays homage. It’s right there in the song titles: “Bogart & Bergman,” “Rialto at 10,” and “You Love Jazz Now.”

La La Land premieres in New York and Los Angeles today, expands to other major cities on December 16, and goes into a nationwide release on January 6. Listen to the full album below via Spotify, and make meaningful eye contact with an attractive stranger.