For someone who doesn't think about style that much, Lana Del Rey sure has a lot of style-centric and fashionable jobs. The singer posed in a structured frock with a statement necklace collar, arm-length gloves and a Priscilla Presley-style bouffant in Vanity Fair, which documented her style evolution and transformations. She also said that "style" was never her forte and that things just happened organically.

Del Rey, who models for corporations like H&M, Versace and Jaguar more often than she performs live, declared, "Style was never my forte."

Even so, at recent gigs, the stage was designed to emulate a tropical forest and her fans showed up wearing rhinestone tiaras and floral garlands that were distinctly Del Rey'ian. "It wasn’t something I set out to create," LDR insists. "Personally, I keep things pretty simple. I love making music. The rest I don’t really think about."

She definitely loves making music, since music leaks with incredible frequency. Despite that, LDR still feels like a model who sings, rather than a singer who models.

Vanity Fair also posted some previously unseen candids of Del Rey, like the one below.

Oh, and to shift the focus to LDR's music, she recently turned up at radio station KFOG and performed new tracks, which you can also listen to below. The version of 'Body Electric' is particularly ghost-like.

Vanity Fair

Listen to Lana Del Rey on KFOG

Listen to Lana Del Rey Perform 'Body Electric' on KFOG