Lana Del Rey's cover of Bobby Vinton's 1963 classic heartbroken ballad, 'Blue Velvet,' is a haunting take on the tune.

Del Rey's croon is languorous and lounge-singer like, while still conveying the lovelorn emotion that the lyrics provide.

It sounds as if Del Rey's take on the track was inspired by the David Lynch film of the same name, which also inspired her H+M commercial that features the song. She's a perfect fit for the song, as she encompasses 1960s style and flair, from her JFK inspired 'National Anthem' video to her mod eyeliner and teased hair.

'Blue Velvet' will be the soundtrack to H+M's fall and winter 2012 collection, of which Del Rey is the beautiful, if occasionally waxen, face. The full song will be available on the H+M website on Sept. 19, and is rumored to also be included on Del Rey's 'Born to Die: Paradise Edition.' The 'Paradise Edition' is due to hit shelves in November, just in time for holiday shopping: Mallrats can snag Del Rey's styles and songs all in one trip. And based on what we've heard, it's well worth the bucks. We just wish we could look as flawless and stunning in the H+M outfits as she does!

Watch Lana Del Rey's H+M Commercial