Lana Del Rey is a mod goddess in her H+M campaign. We've already seen the photos, and now we can see her in action -- and hear her, too.

In the 30-second clip, clearly inspired by the works of David Lynch, Del Rey wears an angora sweater and matching skinny pants as she stands before a vintage microphone. Her pants are so fitted and match her skin tone, making it look like she's almost not wearing any bottoms at all at first glance! She sports a sparkly barrette in her teased auburn mane, nude lips and cat eyes. In this scene, she also rock black platform heels. She looks soft, pretty and simultaneously retro and modern.

As she sings the classic 'Blue Velvet,' the camera pans over her audience, some of whom look bored, but one of whom was absolutely visibly smitten with the starlet. The man, sporting a tux and a beard that would make Kesha swoon, patted his brown with his handkerchief and gazes at her adoringly. This man is enamored!

In another shot, we see Del Rey sporting a blue floral blouse being hypnotized, then singing into an old fashioned rotary telephone. The combination of the hypnosis and her doll-like features make her almost resemble a mannequin, and her co-stars (the female ones at least) have similar waxen appearances.

Soon the camera is back on Del Rey serenading her admirers ... until a little person wearing a fedora enters and yanks a plus from the wall, silencing and flustering her. Oh, Lana -- were you lip syncing?! Perhaps it's a wink-wink nudge-nudge reference to her oft criticized live performances. Del Rey giggles at the situation and bats her eyes. It's a cute, trippy clip and becoming haunting when paired with the melancholic sound of 'Blue Velvet.'