Mainers are proud of where they come from and proud of the people who work and serve to better our communities.

Of course, none of that would be possible without our incredible local police departments.

And there's one in particular that's pretty near and dear to our hearts. I'm talking about the outstanding men and women of the Augusta, Maine, Police Department. Not only are they always just a call away when you need them, but they are always out and about in the community getting involved in whatever they can.

APD, Facebook
APD, Facebook

Recently, we got word that some members of the Augusta Police Department would be heading to Boston to present the colors before a Red Sox game. How cool is that? Now, if you weren't able to make it to the game (most of us weren't), APD was able to capture much of the presentation on video!

But first... what exactly were they doing?

We've all heard the term 'present the colors,' right?

But, for those of us with no prior service or police experience, what exactly does that mean? We know it has to do with flags and that it's a very special ceremony, but what are the exact details?

APD, Facebook
APD, Facebook

According to an excerpt from Wiki,

Posting the colors requires that a color guard team move the colors (usually the American flag, the state flag, the service flag, and the unit flag) from a carried position and placed into a stand. This formality is normally done at events such as graduation ceremonies and public events.

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