A poll released yesterday by Emerson College, shows Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump for the battle for the presidency here in Maine. The poll has Clinton up overall by 9 points, but the story gets more interesting if you look at it by district.

Statewide: Clinton leads Trump 44% to 35%.

Maine 1st District: Clinton over Trump 52% to 30%

Maine 2nd District: Trump leads Clinton 40.6% to 36.3%

The poll has a sample of 800 voters and a margin of error of 3.6 percent.

Clinton is crushing in the 1st district. Trump leads in the 2nd. The poll certainly shows what people refer to as the "two Maines" and is significant because Maine is one of only two states that actually splits its electoral votes...it's not a winner-takes-all-state. So, if the election were held today, Clinton would win 3 electoral votes and Trump would win 1 from the Pine Tree State. It would also be the first time Maine's two districts would have voted for different candidates.  By the way, Maine has voted for Democrats in every presidential election since 1992.

The other interesting part of the poll shows how incredibly unpopular BOTH candidates are in Maine. Trump received an unfavorable rating of almost 64% while Clinton's unfavorable rating was at 54%. To give you an idea of how that stacks up, Governor Lepage comes in at a 57% unfavorable rating.

How about you?

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