According to a press release from Maine Public Safety spokesman Stephen McCausland, the missing 12 year old from Levant has been found safe. McCausland said Isaiah Farrington, 12 was located inside the South Levant Baptist Church attempting to get warm.

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12 year old Isaiah Farrington is missing from Balsam Lane in Levant.

The last two times he was seen were by his father at 10:20 this (February 14th) morning, and by a bus driver on Horseback Road at 12:30 PM.

Farrington is autistic.  The press release explains that he is sensitive to bright lights and sound, but is high-functioning, verbal and will respond to his name.

He was last seen wearing Nike’s, sweatpants, red/black glasses and has a scar on his arm from a cut.

If you have any information, please contact the Maine State Police in Bangor at 207.973.3700.